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My-My (in Russian) or Moo-Moo (in English) is a popular fast food chain in Russia. Although considered a fast food restaurant this is a cafeteria-style restaurant where you find real tasty food. The service is indeed very fast and the price is cheap but the food is not junk food. They serve many traditional Russian dishes but they also have “international” dishes.

As our Russian guide recommended the place I decided to give it a try. The one I went was in Arbat street but they have many restaurants all over Moscow. All the restaurants have a black and white cow outside and inside they are nicely decorated with a cow motif. I found the atmosphere very charming and cozy.

This Russian fast food is widely frequented by tourists because there are English menus at the entrance. This will not help you so much as you will realize once you are waiting your turn in the line. The food is not labeled, so unless you can speak Russian you will have to just choose the food by the looks and point it out to the nice lady on the counter. A little surprise factor is actually kind of nice! My food was delicious!

Russian restaurant My-My in Moscow

Russian restaurant My-My in Moscow

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