Restaurant Moeders: Comfort food in Amsterdam

If I had to pick a single favorite restaurant in Amsterdam it would be the Restaurant Moeders. Whenever I visit Amsterdam I feel the urge to come back here. The restaurant creates a nostalgic atmosphere that makes me feel like a trip to my gramma’s house on a Sunday.

The mismatched porcelain, glasses and cutlery help to set the mood. When the restaurant opened, the owner asked his guests to bring their own plate, glass, and cutlery. This is all used until today to set the tables. The walls are filled with hundreds of pictures of mothers collected since the opening more than 20 years ago. Guests are still welcome to bring a picture of their mother to hang on the few spaces left.

The name Moeders literally means “Mothers” in English. The restaurant offers simple delicious comfort food for an honest price. My favorite dish is the Hotchpotch. It’s a Dutch stamppot of mashed potatoes with vegetables served with a sausage, a meatball, and delicious bacon. There’s a nice mix of tourists and locals that makes everyone feels at home.

I found this place when I was looking for restaurants that serve traditional Dutch food. I found a couple of recommendations online and started to look at photos of the restaurants as I always do. All the other restaurants were kind of the same with their beautiful but meaningless modern decor. Moeders drew my attention by its originality. I was intrigued by the photos on the wall and I wanted to go there and see for myself.

I saw a few reviews online where people were complaining about the service. Gladly, this has never happened to me at Moeders. I have always been treated very well there. Even when the restaurant is full, they always manage to deliver good service. But I understand we are all humans. Maybe the waitress wasn’t having a good day. From my personal experience, I know this can happen anywhere.

Restaurant Moeders in Amsterdam

Restaurant Moeders in Amsterdam

Pictures of mothers on the wall at Restaurant Moeders in Amsterdam

Pictures of mothers on the wall

Hotchpotch at Restaurant Moeders in Amsterdam


Mothers Spare-ribs at Restaurant Moeders in Amsterdam

Mothers Spare-ribs

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