Comfort food in Quebec City: Aux Anciens Canadiens

The restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens provides the comfort food needed to endure the harsh winters in Quebec City. When it’s – 30ºC outside and you want a filling meal to warm your bones this is the place to be. This charming little restaurant offers authentic Quebecois cuisine using fresh local produce. The food is absolutely fantastic!

The restaurant is a little expensive for dining, but it offers some options for lunch for a reasonable price. The basic three course lunch menu has a fixed price of 19.95$. It’s available from noon until 6 PM. The complete lunch menu comes with a starter, a main course, a dessert and a glass of the house wine or beer. For a little extra you can upgrade your plate or your wine. The restaurant is known for the game meat like the bison burger (+ 5$ extra) or the meat pie made with wild meats (+ 2$ extra).

I had the Pea soup Grand-mère for starter, the Québec meat pie for main course, the Maple syrup pie for dessert and a glass of red wine. My husband had the Wild meat pâté, the chicken breast and vegetable fricassee, the Maple syrup pie and a glass of red wine. The food was cooked to perfection. 

The adorable red and white house where the restaurant is located is the historic Maison Jacquet. It’s the oldest house in Québec, dating from 1675. Many notable people lived there, including Philippe-Aubert de Gaspé, the author of the novel Les Anciens Canadiens, who lived there from 1815 to 1824. The restaurant is called Aux Anciens Canadiens in his honour.

The restaurant opened in 1966. When the house was transformed into a restaurant, the original layout of the rooms was not changed. It’s a little strange but it gives the restaurant its cozy and family atmosphere. There are five small dining rooms, each one decorated with antiques and collectors’ items. The staff dress in period costume to retain the old-style atmosphere. The service is great and the staff very helpful.

Starter at Restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens

The starter: Pea soup Grand-mère

Main course at Restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens

The main course: Québec meat pie

Dessert at Restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens

The dessert: Maple syrup pie

Restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens at night

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