Buckle up and come with me on a helicopter ride over Rio de Janeiro!

This is my very first video on my travel channel and I wanted to make it special. Nothing could be more perfect than flying over my hometown. I have recently received a GoPro as a birthday gift from my beloved husband, and I’ve been dying to try it out. I plan to put it to good use. I’m not sure yet where my YouTube channel is heading. I would appreciate if you guys could give me some feedback. So don’t be shy, talk to me ūüėČ

The tour is provided by Helisight. The helicopter takes off from one of the most beautiful places in the city, the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. It flies over Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Jardim de Alah, Ipanema Beach, Arpoador Beach, Arpoador Rock, Diabo Beach, Fort Copacabana, Copacabana Beach, Leme Beach, Leme Hill and Vermelha Beach overlooking Sugar Loaf. Then it comes back the same way, giving everyone the opportunity to appreciate the view no matter what side they are sitting on the helicopter. The highlight of the tour, the Christ the Redeemer, is saved for last. The helicopter circles the statue clockwise, makes a turn and then circles it counterclockwise.

I took the route 3. They have 7 panoramic flight itineraries. They also have heliports at the Sugar Loaf Mountain and Dona Marta. The tour is not cheap but its worth every cent. A slightly cheaper option is to fly with the FlightRJ. The downside is that their heliport is located in Jacarepagua, which is far from the main tourist attractions.

I feel blessed for living in such beautiful city and for having the opportunity of seeing it from above. Despite all problems we have here in Rio de Janeiro, no one can deny its beauty.

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