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Hi, I’m Ligia

I’m an IT girl and a hipster traveler. I live in Rio de Janeiro and work a full-time cubicle job. While I’m not traveling, I’m daydreaming about distant places. I long for lonely landscapes, starry skies, high mountains, and gentle rain.

One day, I decided to stop postponing my dreams, and make travel a priority in my life. I went on a mission to visit the places I have always dreamed of. I made my bucket list, packed my bags, and, together with my husband, went off to explore the world. Now, eight years later, my bucket list continues to grow bigger. I’ve become addicted to travel, and I don’t plan to give up.

I have learned a thing or two during these years. I realized that I should not wait for the perfect moment. That moment may never arrive.

Another thing I discovered at great cost is not to measure my success by the goals of others. It’s a recipe for failure. I make my own goals now. I don’t care if they look stupid. I pursue what has value to me.

Here is my bucket list so far

1. Visit Antarctica;
2. Hike in the Faroe Islands;
3. Learn French;
4. See an active volcano;
5. Live abroad;
6. Write a book;
7. Fly in a hot air balloon;
8. Hike the King’s Trail in Sweden;
9. Experience the polar night;
10. Stay in a cabin in Alaska.

About this blog

This blog is about meaningful experiences. It’s about feeding our souls with the magic of discovering something new.

This blog is for you.

Forget about the usual checklist of “must visit” places. Travel is not about ticking items on a list. It’s about collecting little moments of joy and suffer that define who we are.

We are made of memories.